Vegetable Seedling Supplier in South Africa

Suppliers of Grafted and Ungrafted Vegetable Seedlings

Hishtil’s mission is to provide horticultural solutions, utilizing innovative & economic technologies based on cutting edge knowledge. Our aim is to improve the quality of food and the environment.

Hishtil follows high standards for clean and healthy production, ensuring top-quality seedling production that meets rigorous health and safety requirements. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that every seedling is grown in optimal conditions, free from contaminants and using sustainable practices. This dedication ensures robust, healthy plants that contribute to successful and productive agriculture.

Field Friday

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  • Cabbage Planting Western Cape
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  • Early Morning Butternuts
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    Hand Holding Early Start Plug Seedling

    Why Hishtil

    • Best possible start
    • Greater uniformity
    • Consistent quality
    • Updated technology
    • Technical backup
    • Professional service
    • Countrywide delivery
    Innovative Greenhouse & Nursery Technology
    To become a leading and innovative nursery firm.