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Why Trust the Grafted Plants for Sale from Hishtil SA?

Farmers looking for solutions regarding improved crop stand, better fruit quality, higher yield, and reduced need for chemicals, should look for grafted plants for sale from trusted bulk-supply nurseries in South Africa.

Why Grafted?


Grafting has been used from the time of Ancient China to make it possible to domesticate wild plants for large-scale farming. The technique has been perfected over the years. Since the 1930s, it has been used for commercial crop farming of specific types of vegetables. In recent years, bulk-supply nurseries have started to offer grafted plants for sale, specifically for the large-scale crop farming of vegetables.

  What Grafting Entails

  It is a technique whereby the scion of a plant is transplanted onto the rootstock of another plant. The scion consists of the foliage and upper stem of a plant and the rootstock consists of the roots and the lower stem of another plant. The two parts grow as one new plant although each part keeps its own characteristics. In this way, the desired characteristics of each are retained.

  With this approach, it is possible to develop a plant that has a strong root system, which helps to improve water and nutrition uptake and promote stronger establishment and deeper rooting, whilst having more tolerance for soil-borne conditions and environmental factors, such as drought or cold tolerance. The upper part can have characteristics, such as cucumber fruits with higher vitamin C levels (thus better fruit quality), larger fruits, or more fruits per plant.

  Various types of grafting techniques are used, depending on the particular types of plants and which approach the nursery has found delivers the best results.

  Many factors are considered, including the compatibility of the plants to be grafted, the desired characteristics, and previous successes. A lot of research goes into developing the best approaches and growing the plugs to be offered for sale.


Why Trust the Grafted Plants for Sale from Hishtil SA?


Hishtil SA is the first bulk-supply nursery in South Africa to offer grafted vegetable seedlings for commercial farming purposes. The nursery has a large team of qualified and experienced agronomists conducting research and performing the grafting. Each plant in their care is closely monitored.

  It is also the first nursery in South Africa to have achieved GlobalGAP certification. This is relevant because it shows that the nursery meets exceptionally high standards, giving clients the assurance that the plants and service they receive meet market requirements. GlobalGAP sets the benchmark for produce quality worldwide.

  Every plant offered for sale at the nursery meets the high-quality standard. This is possible because the Hishtil SA team pays close attention to the processes to be followed. The vegetable seedlings are grown in a special greenhouse facility and are chemically treated before delivery to the farmer anywhere in the country.

  The nursery provides guidelines regarding the transplanting of the plugs, delivers the seedlings in special trays, and gives ongoing technical support to clients. When a farmer buys plugs from the nursery, they become a valued client and the nursery is vested in their crop success.

  The research never stops at Hishtil SA, as evident in the many news reports and the company’s involvement in large projects.

  The nursery has facilities in Riebeeck West and Mooketsi where farmers can view the growth environments of the plugs. However, even without a visit to any of the facilities, farmers have the assurance of quality and superb service.

  A wide range of seedlings are for sale from the nursery with grafted plants available for the commercial propagation of:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Watermelon
  • Melon
  • Peppers

Hishtil SA has more than a quarter of a century’s experience and is the only nursery in South Africa able to supply grafted vegetable seedlings in bulk for commercial farming purposes.


Key Takeaways


Grafting is a complex process. It takes a lot of time to research and select the best and most compatible stock, ensure successful fusion, and propagate the seedlings to ensure superior-quality stock. Hishtil SA already does it. With these factors in mind, it makes sense to look for relevant grafted plants for sale from a nursery that meets high standards, has the experience, and delivers in bulk to farmers anywhere in South Africa. Reach out for pricing information here.

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