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Vegetable Seedlings for Sale for Crop Farming

Where to Find Quality Vegetable Seedlings for Sale for Crop Farming

  Vegetable crop farming forms an important part of the South African agricultural production capacity. Farmers in the country who want to produce export-quality produce must keep in mind that premium-quality plant stock is critical as part of the foundation for crop success. To this end, it is vital to look for suppliers offering superior-quality vegetable seedlings for sale. Four factors to consider when choosing from the many suppliers offering vegetable seedlings for sale are discussed below, helping newcomers to crop farming make informed buying decisions.  
  1. Safety and Best Practices
  International accreditation for Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP) certification supports a bulk supplier’s claim for quality production and safety. This gives the farmer the assurance that the supplier follows internationally recognised standards in the application of chemicals, record-keeping regarding procedures followed, the site where the plugs are produced, and more. To achieve Global GAP certification, the supplier must meet all the requirements for certification.   Hishtil SA, as a leading bulk-supply nursery offering a range of grafted and ungrafted vegetable seedlings for sale, meets the requirements. The nursery is the first commercial bulk supplier in South Africa to have achieved Global GAP certification. This underpins the nursery’s claim to the production of premium-quality plugs.  
  1. Range of Vegetable Seedlings for Sale
  For producers interested in growing a number of crops, it becomes even more important to purchase from one trusted supplier, able to supply in all their seedling requirements. Once again, the company stands out for its wide range of plugs, giving the assurance of the same quality and best practices applied across the entire range of plug production and supply.   The following types of plugs are offered for sale:  
  • Tomato (grafted and ungrafted)
  • Cucumber (grafted and ungrafted)
  • Watermelon (grafted and ungrafted)
  • Melon (grafted and ungrafted)
  • Peppers (grafted and ungrafted)
  • Seedless watermelon
  • Processing tomato
  • Butternut
  • Herbs
  • Lettuce
  • Leeks
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Papaya
  • Celery
  The supplier also offers different varieties to meet the farmer’s requirements in terms of the growth region, fruit taste, look and yield, etc.  
  1. Expert Guidance and Ongoing Technical Support
  The bulk-supply nurser’s team must have years of experience in growing the particular varieties and must be able to provide farmers expert help in choosing the most appropriate variety, transplanting the plugs, and monitoring plant performance.   Farmers who buy from this bulk-supply nursery have access to planting guides, comprehensive information about the varieties, and ongoing technical support from the agronomists at the nursery. In addition, the nursery is part of a larger international group with a global footprint. This makes it possible for farmers to have access to a broader knowledge base.  
  1. Competitive Pricing
  Although quality of plant stock is the most important, it is still essential that the plugs are competitively priced. The farmer wants to reduce input costs and it is only possible to do so with fewer chemicals required, better plant stock, and lower prices. The bulk-supply nursery offers excellent prices and delivery to farmers across South Africa.

Rows of Vegetable Seedlings for sale in the fields

Where to Get More Information

  Farmers interested in the vegetable seedlings for sale can register as new clients and benefit from expert guidance in addition to competitive prices and premium-quality stock.