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Vegetable Seedlings for Sale for Commercial Farming

Find Vegetable Seedlings for Sale for Commercial Farming

  Finding the most suitable seedlings for commercial farming purposes is important to save money and to ensure quality stock. Hishtil SA, as a bulk-supply nursery, offers grafted and ungrafted seedlings for sale to farmers across South Africa. A short list of the available seedlings for sale is given below.  

Range of Seedlings for Sale

  In the grafted category, Hishtil SA offers melon, cucumber, tomato, watermelon, and pepper seedlings for sale. In the ungrafted category, farmers can buy the following:  
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Melon
  • Watermelon
  • Pepper
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Butternut
  • Squash
  • Leek
  • Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Herbs
  • Papaya
  View more details about the varieties for sale in the ungrafted plugs category and visit the News section for vegetable growing tips and comprehensive information on each type of vegetable.  

Delivery Information for Farmers in South Africa

  Farmers can place their orders online and have the plugs delivered to their doorstep anywhere in South Africa. The nursery also provides planting guidelines for the plugs. It is best to be prepared to immediately transplant the plants. If the farmer can only transplant a day or two after delivery, it is imperative to keep the plugs watered and in the shade or an appropriate protected area to prevent them from weather damage and water stress.  

General Transplanting Guidance

  Hishtil SA provides farmers with comprehensive transplanting information. A few general guidelines are shared below.  
  • Install wind brakes if growing crops in an area known for strong winds.
  • Prepare soil well in advance of receiving the plugs.
  • Prepare the soil to a depth of at least 60 cm to ensure it has enough aeration and that the soil is loose enough to allow the roots to easily spread and the plugs to establish.
  • In areas at risk of frost or water loss, apply mulching.
  • Prevent the plastic mulch from getting in direct contact with the plant as the stem can suffer burn damage during warm summer days.
  • Keep the root zone watered before, during, and right after transplanting.
  • Holes must already be prepared upon delivery of the plugs.
  • Avoid planting the plugs too deep. Follow best practices, such as not planting deeper than a centimetre of the plug height.
  • Never transplant plugs to dry soil – irrigate the area of transplant properly beforehand.
  • If transplanting grafted seedlings, make sure the grafted zone is above the ground after transplanting.
  • Always transplant with the plug in an upright and straight position.
  • Prevent air pockets around the root zone by tightening the soil around the plant after transplanting.
  • Once the plants are in the soil, irrigate to help them stay hydrated.
  • Follow the nursery’s recommended irrigation guidelines.
  • Do not over irrigate as this can cause water logging.
  For ungrafted plugs, the farmer should consult the experts at Hishtil SA regarding factors such as non-application of phosphate in the first four weeks directly after transplanting of watermelons and melons. Where plugs are transplanted in cold areas that experience temperatures of -5°C, a condition of called chlorosis might develop. This is when the plant’s leaves become yellow after transplanting. As soon as the temperature becomes more favourable, the plants will regain their green colour.   The grafted seedlings for sale provide for a more uniform stand, have strong vigour, and show good tolerance for fungal and soil-borne diseases. These plants are not more resistant to viral and bacterial diseases than the non-grafted plugs.  

Why Buy from Hishtil SA?

  The bulk-supply nursery grows the plugs in specially protected greenhouse environments. These seedlings are disease and pest free upon delivery to the farmer. Hishtil SA is also the first nursery in South Africa to have achieved GlobalGAP certification, which is testimony to the nursery’s commitment to compliance with market requirements. In addition, the nursery complies with the quality management system requirements of ISO 9001:2000. Expert guidance is available while technical support is provided to clients.  

First Step

  Before jumping into the propagation of a new crop, the farmer should conduct research on the requirements for the particular crop. This includes soil conditions, irrigation, climate needs, nutrients, spacing, and more. The next step is to choose a variety suitable for the available conditions. To this end, farmers benefit from buying quality stock from a reputable bulk-supply nursery. Reach out for more information about the seedlings for sale at Hishtil SA.  
Seedlings For Sale for Commercial Farming

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