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Seedlings for Sale and How to Prepare for Planting

Where to Find Vegetable Seedlings for Sale and How to Prepare for Planting

An increasing number of farmers in South Africa now propagate their vegetable crops from the grafted and conventional seedlings for sale from bulk-supply nurseries. These plants are grown in the greenhouse facilities of the nurseries, where the plants are closely monitored, properly prepared for transplant, and protected against diseases and environmental factors. The plugs offered for sale are disease-free and receive fertiliser and the necessary chemical treatments to protect against pests and diseases before delivery to the farmer. The plugs are delivered in trays where the farmer must then confirm that the correct number of trays and the right plants have been delivered.   To get the best results from the plugs as offered for sale by Hishtil SA, the farmer must prepare their soil and the transplant environment according to the nursery’s planting guidelines, of which the basics are shared below.  

Soil Preparation

  It is imperative to transplant the plugs as soon as possible after delivery. To achieve this, the farmer must already have removed previous crop residue from the field, removed weeds, and ploughed the soil to a depth of at least 60 cm. In addition, the soil must already be aerated and must be properly irrigated. Never transplant any of the seedlings to dry soil. The holes for planting must also be created. It is essential to check the soil pH beforehand and to adjust the nutrient content for ensuring the correct pH for the particular types of vegetable seedlings.   The farmer must make sure the soil is well-drained, loose, and suitable for the particular variety offered for sale. Furthermore, should the farmer want to apply mulching, it is imperative to stretch the plastic sheets tightly over the ridges. The holes for planting must be big enough to avoid having the plastic touch the stems of the plants, as this can cause stem burn and immediate plant loss.  


  Drip irrigation is the best for many types of vegetable plugs available. Regardless of the type of irrigation required, the farmer must ensure that the water pressure is enough and the water volume sufficient to allow for irrigation according to the requirements for the particular type of plant. The irrigation system must already be installed and tested.  

Transplanting the Seedlings

  Once the farmer has inspected the trays for correct plants and correlation with the delivery note, it is imperative to do the transplants as fast as possible. Close attention must be paid to how the plants are handled and inserted into the holes to avoid J rooting. Once the plants are in the holes, the soil must be firmed around the roots to squeeze out any air pockets. Wet the plants immediately. Apply chemical treatment when required to protect the plants against pests and diseases.   Follow the nursery’s guidelines also regarding staking, pruning, and thinning as needed. Farmers interested in the quality seedlings for sale from Hishtil SA can register online as clients to receive more information, support, and quotes. Ungrafted Seedlings for sale - Eggplant Seedlings