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Ungrafted Tomato Seedlings

Important Factors to Consider When Commercially Growing Tomatoes

South African farmers are urged to do research before commencing with commercial tomato production. Farmers interested in tomatoes can obtain ungrafted tomato seedlings from trusted bulk suppliers like Hishtil SA that propagate the ungrafted tomato seedlings in greenhouse facilities.  

With ungrafted tomato seedlings, farmers can reduce the time that the plants are in the soil and thus save money on chemical treatment. Without having to propagate from seed, farmers not only save time between planting and harvesting, but they benefit from the lower risk as well. Seeds are exposed to various pathogens and with many seeds not germinating as anticipated, farmers often suffer financial losses due to seed loss.

When they grow from ungrafted tomato seedlings, they have the added benefit of consistency in plant height and size. They also benefit from improved predictability in harvest quantity, quality, and timing. The ungrafted tomato seedlings are delivered in trays, ready to transplant. These seedlings are chemically treated before the plants leave the supplier’s greenhouse facilities. Here is a short summary of the challenges and considerations of commercially farming tomatoes to keep in mind.

Tomatoes grown in greenhouse facilities are protected against excessive sun, various pests, and weather conditions such as wind, frost, and hail. Farmers should make sure they have adequate growth facilities in place before ordering ungrafted tomato seedlings. They also need to consider the cost of poles and wire to support the plants. Irrigation infrastructure development and crop chemicals are among the other expenses to consider. A packing facility must be set up for the cleaning, grading, and packing of the harvested tomatoes. From all this, it becomes clear that the initial capital outlay is considerable. It is thus essential to choose the correct variety and to purchase ungrafted tomato seedlings from a trusted and accredited supplier of such to commercial farmers in South Africa, such as Hishtil SA.

Disease resistance is an important consideration for the selection of the tomato variety. The farmer also needs to consider the purpose and market size before selecting the variety. In terms of disease resistance, keep in mind that the area where the plants are to be propagated is an important factor to consider. Some diseases are more prevalent in one area whilst in other areas they do not pose a threat at all. Of course, the season in which the growth takes place must be considered as well.

Farmers interested in commercial propagation benefit from the superior quality and disease resistance of Tornado ungrafted tomato seedlings as available from Hishtil SA.

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