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Tomato Seedlings for Sale: Where to Buy and What to Know

Farmers looking for tomato seedlings for sale will benefit from first considering whether they should buy grafted or ungrafted plugs after they have considered their available resources. The next step is to choose a bulk-supply nursery. This article explains the difference between grafted and ungrafted plugs to help the farmer decide which route to follow and to consider essential requirements for growing tomatoes. Finally, it provides information on where to find the right varieties for sale at affordable prices.

What is the Difference Between Grafted and Ungrafted Seedlings for Sale?

Ungrafted refers to plants grown from seeds and sold as plugs to farmers, who transplant the plugs to the growth medium for propagating crops. This category refers to conventional seedlings for sale from bulk-supply nurseries. Grafted seedlings for sale refer to plugs achieved from the union of two or more plants to create a single plant with specific characteristics. The scion of one plant is grafted onto the rootstock of another. The scion refers to the stem and foliage part, growing above the soil. The rootstock entails the base stem and roots. With this method, it is possible to grow plants with improved tolerance for certain soil-borne and fungal diseases. For tomatoes, this is important as farmers need to rotate crops, and often have to clear new fields for the constant propagation of the crops to prevent large-scale losses due to soil-borne pathogens from previous growth in the same field. Using grafted plugs, farmers are able to grow back-to-back crops. This helps to reduce the need for chemical applications and to ensure better yield. Farmers can get more uniform stand and reduce the risk of plant losses. Grafted plugs are recommended for farmers who need to plant tomatoes year after year.Ungrafted plugs are available in more varieties and cost less. Speak to the agronomists at Hishtil SA for help in choosing the plant stock suitable for specific propagation goals and conditions.

Consideration of Available Resources and Specific Growth Requirements

Every crop has specific growth needs. This includes nutrition, watering intervals, amount of water to be given, the type of irrigation to use, soil pH, type of soil, etc. Other considerations include, but are not limited to:
  • Climate conditions
  • Whether it is a summer or winter crop
  • Time from planting to harvesting
  • Harvesting method
  • Storage needs
  • Shelf-life
  • Distance from the market
  • Market price
  • Demand for the product
  • Whether producing for the fresh produce local market or export market
  • Whether producing for processing or the fresh produce market
  • Nutrient needs
  • Spacing needs
  • Daytime light requirements
  • Temperature range that the plant can handle
These and other factors must be considered. Farmers should consult with agronomists at Hishtil SA, the Department of Agriculture, and experienced farmers to ensure they have the available information to make an informed decision on farming with tomatoes.

Where to Find a Nursery that Offers Tomato Seedlings for Sale?

The final step is to find a bulk-supply nursery that offers a wide range of premium-quality tomato seedlings for delivery to the farmer anywhere in South Africa. Hishtil SA meets the requirements and provides both grafted and ungrafted plugs for sale. Get in touch for more information. Vegetable Seedlings - Tomato Seedlings For sale Sources: –  https://hishtilsa.co.za/