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Prepare the Soil for Broccoli Seedlings

How Farmers Can Meet the Growing Demand for Broccoli with Seedlings

Broccoli is a nutritious vegetable that forms part of the cabbage family. The florets in the plant’s head is harvested and used for culinary purposes. Farmers produce the vegetable from seedlings and seeds for the fresh produce, processed, and frozen food markets. Processing for the Health Supplement Market

The powder form has gained popularity over the years as part of dietary supplements because the plant is known for its remarkable health properties when consumed on a regular basis.

With the increased awareness of superfoods and the importance of healthy nutritional supplements, vegetable farmers have reason to look into the production of broccoli from seedlings to meet the high demand for the vegetable.

The demand for broccoli in powder form has especially grown in Europe and the USA because of a developing trend to commercialise dietary supplements. It has been reported that the global herbal market is also growing fast. Combine this with the demand for vegetable powder from plants, such as broccoli, and it becomes clear why there is also a budding demand for quality plugs of the plant for commercial farming practices.

How Buying Seedlings Helps Farmers in South Africa to Gain a Competitive Edge

The seedlings are delivered to the farmers throughout the country. The plugs are grown in special greenhouse facilities where the plants receive optimal nutrition and protection against pests and diseases. Farmers thus receive strong stock from the bulk-supply commercial nurseries. Before the seedlings are delivered to the farmers, they are chemically treated against pests and diseases. This means the plants are protected in the early stages of growth, which also implies cost savings for the farmers who do not have to apply the first chemical treatment plans.

Farmers have time to prepare the soil for the transplantation of the broccoli seedlings according to the supplier’s guidelines for optimal establishment. With the shorter period between planting and harvesting, farmers save on irrigation and chemical treatment costs. The farmers are able to put their products into the market early on.

Guidelines to Prepare the Soil for the Transplanting of the Seedlings

It is pivotal to the success of broccoli seedling establishment to properly prepare the soil well in advance of receiving the plugs. The soil must be well irrigated since the plugs should never be transplanted to dry soil. Irrigation should take place directly after transplanting.

The soil must be prepared to a depth of at least 60 cm. This preparation includes the necessary nutrition, drainage, and loosening of the soil. However, planting should not be deep. All air pockets should be squeezed out around the roots. This must be done carefully to prevent damage to the roots. Avoid placing soil over the stems of the seedlings. Only the plug medium must be covered.

Where to Buy?

Hishtil SA is the foremost bulk supplier of quality broccoli seedlings to farmers across South Africa. With world-class facilities where the company conducts research and propagates the plugs in controlled conditions, the professional team at Hishtil SA applies strict quality measures. Farmers receive healthy and strong plant stock, giving them a competitive edge in that they start with plants that are uniform in size and healthy. View the product range and get in touch with Hishtil SA for more information about the varieties available.