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Plant vegetable seedlings correctly

Using a well rooted, uniform seedling is the first step to a successful crop. The next is to plant it correctly. J-rooting and other planting mistakes can have significant economic consequences for farmers as the development of the crop can be negatively affected.

Some important guidelines to ensure successful planting of vegetable seedlings are:

  • Ensure that the plug is well watered before planting.
  • Never plant into a dry medium.
  • Prepare suitable plant holes beforehand.
  • When planting, carefully squeeze out air pockets around the roots. However, do not squeeze too hard as this will cause j-rooting.
  • Supervise new and inexperienced planting teams closely to prevent planting damage.
  • Check that the correct planting depth is maintained. The soil should not be placed over the stem, but should only cover the plug medium.

Correct planting is more crucial when grafted seedlings are used. It is important that the graft union on the stem not make contact with the soil as this will allow the scion to form roots that will bypass the rootstock. This will result in the loss of the benefits of the rootstock.

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