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Nursery has international certification

Global G.A.P is the world’s leading farm assurance program, ensuring not only food safety but also the welfare and safety of workers as well as considering environmental impact during food production.

With the growing awareness amongst consumers regarding food safety and the traceability of the fresh produce they purchase, it has become more important for farmers to deal with this issue on a professional level in order to keep up with market trends and retailer’s demands.

Hishtil SA is the only vegetable seedling production nursery in South Africa certified by Global G.A.P. In complying with the highest international certification standards set by them, Hishtil SA uses only the best quality input materials to produce superior vegetable seedlings.

Using a nursery with Global G.A.P certification will ensure the traceability of all raw materials to their point of origin. It assures farmers with the safest and most professional start to their business by providing them with an unsurpassed bench mark for quality in meeting contractual obligations. Another benefit of working with a Global G.A.P certified nursery is that a copy of the certification can be obtained on request by farmers who are subject to Global G.A.P audits, making their auditing process much easier.

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