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Hishtil SA established in Western Cape

Hishtil South Africa, as part of the world renowned nursery brand Hishtil International, was founded in 2007 in Mooketsi, Limpopo, South Africa

With the vision of becoming a leading and innovative nursery firm and to expand its Southern African operations, a second facility was established in Riebeek West in the Western Cape.

Extensive trials were done with farmers in the Western Cape to assess the quality and establishment of the seedlings supplied. After successful trials these farmers have now started planting seedlings supplied from Riebeek West on a commercial basis. Feedback from customers has been exceedingly positive. Farmers have in general reported back on uniformity of seedlings leading to uniform field development, fuller field stand and in some cases higher harvesting rates – especially leafy crops.

Being one of the market leaders in the world of advanced agricultural nurseries, the company is constantly developing unique technologies and production protocols in order to keep up with the ever changing market demands.

Why Hishtil?

  • Best possilbe start
  • Greater uniformity
  • Consistent quality
  • Updated technology
  • Technical back up
  • Professional service
  • Country wide delivery

Contact Hishtil SA for more information.
015 395 4034 | e-mail: sales@hishtilsa.com or visit www.hishtilsa.co.za