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Hishtil SA

Hishtil SA – Pioneering the Way for Propagation from Grafted Seedlings in South Africa

Hishtil started operating in 1974 and has since brought innovative plant-propagation techniques to the world of commercial farming. Hishtil SA, as part of Hishtil International, opened its doors in 2007 in South Africa’s Limpopo province. The second phase of its involvement in plant propagation for commercial farming was marked by the opening of Hishtil SA in Riebeek West in the Western Cape in 2014.  

Hishtil SA has a vision to become the leading innovative nursery company with its primary focus on the production of regular and grafted vegetable seedlings to the benefit of commercial farmers in South Africa. As part of this vision, the company is also focused on the development of new technologies and advanced production methods to ensure crop farmers can stay competitive in an ever-changing market. Hishtil SA is the first South African nursery to have gained GlobalGAP certification. This is evident in the company’s compliance with market requirements and the superb quality of its seedlings. GlobalGAP is a benchmark standard relied upon for the certification of agricultural products throughout the world. The certification thus provides Hishtil’s clients all the assurance they need that they only receive the best-quality seedlings.

The company is leading the way for other nurseries specialising in growing for South Africa’s commercial farming sector. Hishtil SA’s approach to food safety ensures superior quality products, from the company to the farmer. With the advances in grafting technology, Hishtil SA can go where no other nursery in South Africa has gone before. As such, it plays an integral role in enabling commercial farmers to propagate plants from grafted seedlings. These seedlings have certain characteristics, such as being drought or frost tolerant, pest resistant, and more. The company’s personnel consist of agronomists with a passion for crop production and service delivery. Teamwork has made the company a leader in the cultivation of seedlings tailored specifically to South African farms. The opportunity to be one of the experts in the fast-growing field of grafting and seedling propagation for commercial farming is one of the reasons why Hishtil’s employee are so loyal to the brand. With over a quarter of a century of experience in grafting vegetable plants, Hishtil SA remains the only nursery that can supply seedlings in bulk to meet the demand for high-quality vegetable seedlings in the agricultural sector.

Why Grafted Seedlings

As a result of repeatedly growing crops on the same soil, many crop fields are filled with soil-borne pathogens, which negatively affect production. However, farmers in South Africa do not always have land available for crop rotation. Clearing and preparing fresh agricultural land in order to make crop rotation possible means more deforestation and removal of the natural habitat of animals. It is thus not sustainable. When farmers propagate crops from grafted seedlings, they can plant these seedlings in the same soil where previous years’ crops were grown. The grafted plants have a better resistance to nematodes and soil-borne pathogens. This also enables farmers to improve crop yield and earliness, while getting larger volumes, improved quality, a better taste, and more uniformly shaped and larger fruits. With reduced plant populations required for the same or better production, farmers save on chemical treatment expenses as well.

Hishtil SA Has Superb Greenhouse Facilities

The company has over 5 ha of greenhouse facilities. The plants are protected by insect-proof netting, which enables the propagation of insect-free seedlings. This makes it possible to supply farmers with good-quality and disease-free seedlings. The seedlings are delivered throughout South Africa in their seed trays from where they can be transplanted directly to the soil. The company also collects the empty trays and cages from the farms again. All seedlings are treated with pre-delivery fertiliser and the necessary chemicals to ensure protection and nutrition for their first few days on the field. This helps the plants to become established before the farmer commences with the regular chemical treatments.

Hishtil SA is a pioneer in the field of grafted seedlings for commercial vegetable production. However, the company also supplies regular seedlings of the same high quality to commercial farmers. Farmers interested in propagating good-quality vegetables in South Africa are invited to call the Hishtil SA offices for more information about available cultivars and the ordering process.

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