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Hard or Soft Cabbage Seedlings for Sale?

Which will Work Best? Hard or Soft Cabbage Seedlings for Sale?

  With the plug stock being one of the most important factors in determining yield and crop success, careful consideration must be given to the variety, quality of the cabbage seedlings for sale, and the planting requirements. Farmers interested in knowing more about crop selection and choosing the best plugs for their particular crop farming needs from the many types of seedlings for sale will benefit from the tips in this article.  

Seedlings for Sale: Hardness of the Plugs

  Although hardness may not rank at the top of the list when browsing for appropriate plugs for sale, it is an often-overlooked essential feature to consider. The softer the plug, the faster its growth. This growth energy continues in the field after transplant if the growth conditions are suitable.  

Where was it Grown?

  If the seedlings for sale are grown in a greenhouse environment with more control over the climate conditions, the farmer should consider how transplanting it outdoors in the particular area where farming will affect it. All plugs are subject to some level of transplant shock, but if a plug is taken out of a warm climate zone and transplanted to soil in a cold area immediately after, the transplant shock can be huge.   If the plugs are soft, they can easily suffer from frost damage. The nursery is the place where the potential of shock with transplant should be addressed. Farmers do best when buying their plugs from nurseries that already cater for shock with transplant issues.   Any plugs that must harden on the field after a warm-to-cold area transplant, will suffer tremendously. In this regard, harder types should be considered or buy from a supplier that can help with transplant guidance to minimise the shock to the plug.   In addition, consider a supplier that has more than one facility. Hishtil SA, for instance, has a facility in the Western Cape town of Riebeek West and one in Mooketsi, able to cater to the plug needs of farmers across South Africa.

Cabbage Seedlings For Sale

How is Hardening Achieved?

  Hardening of a plant should not be done upon transplanting of a seedling. It can be achieved with water stress, but severe hardening can stunt the growth. If done, it can achieve great results. With just the right amount of water withholding, it is possible to create a stronger plant with a lot of vigour. The nutrient level in the plant leaves does not drop. The plant develops thickened foliage and stores growth energy. Once the conditions are suitable, the plant grows with vigour, which is normally just after the seedling has been transplanted.   A second method entails withholding nitrogen for a while. In this instance, it is important to stimulate growth with transplant through the application of nitrogen. It is important as foliage growth and root development cannot take place without sufficient nitrogen.  

How to Know If a Plug Has Been Hardened

  If it has been hardened, the leaves will be firm and the stem thick. A soft seedling’s leaves curl up upon slight rubbing between the fingers and the stem is not as firm when pressed as that of a hardened plug.   Find out from the bulk supply nursery whether the seedlings for sale are hardened or not. This is important to determine the immediate growth needs of the plants upon transplanting. Speak to the agronomists at Hishtil SA about the range of seedlings for sale.