Guidelines for Planting Seedlings


Land and soil preparation

  • In windy season or windy area, wind brakes should be considered, to avoid breakage and other damages
  • Ensure that the soil is well drained, aerated and loose to a depth of 60 cm
  • Ensure that the land area is cleared from weeds
  • Plastic mulch – if used, plastic cover must be tight on the ridge. Avoid any contact between the plastic mulch and the plant stem.


  • Seedlings should be planted on the same day of delivery
  • Always keep the seedling’s root zone wet, during planting
  • Avoid planting in dry soil. Pre-irrigate according to the field and environmental requirements
  • Planting holes – prepare the holes before planting
  • Avoid deep planting. Depth of the hole shouldn’t be 1 cm more than the plug height
  • While planting and covering the plug, keep the grafting zone above the soil. It will prevent the scion from bypassing the rootstock
  • Planting should be done carefully with a straight plug
  • Tighten the soil around the plug to avoid any air pockets around the root zone
  • Irrigate as soon as possible after planting

Irrigation and fertilisation

  • Avoid over irrigation during the establishment period
  • Adjust the fertigation program to the development of the plant
  • In watermelons and melons, it is important to avoid any application of phosphate in the first four weeks

Point of attention

  • In grafted plants – rootstock might develop a growth point, under the grafting cut, (within the first 3 weeks). Consult with us how to remove it
  • Chlorosis (yellowing) of grafted plants will occur, if planted during cold time period (below 5°C) the original green color will develop in the younger shoots and leaves as soon as temperatures become more favourable
  • In marginal cold climatic conditions, it would be advisable to use mulch or frost protection

Generally grafted plants are providing a remarkable, vigour and tolerance to fungal soil born diseases. Grafted plants are not resistant to bacterial and viral diseases.

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Seedling Planting Guide
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