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Why You Should Use Green Pepper Seedlings For Your Green Pepper Crop

Why Grow Green Peppers from Seedlings Purchased from Bulk-Supply Nurseries?

Green pepper production from seedlings can be highly profitable if grown in greenhouse structures. With such, it is possible to meet consumer and market demands, produce quality vegetables, and optimise profits. However, it requires a large capital layout to start because of the structure required, irrigation systems, temperature measurement and control, and more.

One of the most important factors in propagation success is the selection of the right stock from a trusted supplier of green pepper seedlings. With poor-quality stock to start with, the farmer is at an immediate disadvantage. Even if the planting soil is of superb quality, packed with the right nutrient content and with correct pH and texture, if the original rootstock is of poor quality, high yield, quality fruit, and optimal profits will be difficult to achieve.


For these reasons, farmers in South Africa purchase from trusted bulk-supply nurseries where the green pepper seedlings are propagated in protected greenhouse environments and where the plants are protected against environmental factors, pests, and diseases. The nutrient content is superb and strong root formation is achieved. When these plugs are delivered to the farmer, the plants are strong, are disease- and pest-free, and have strong root systems for optimal uptake of nutrients and growth vigour.


The bulk supply nurseries treat the plugs chemically before shipment to the farmers. This ensures plants that are protected against disease and pests before and during the transplant process, and for the first period of establishment. This gives the farmer sufficient time to prepare their chemical treatment programme, also saving the farmer the initial chemical treatment costs. In addition, this helps to reduce the number of chemical treatments to be applied at the farm, thereby reducing the environmental impact of commercial farming.


In recent years, it has also become possible to purchase grafted green pepper seedlings in bulk from Hishtil SA, a bulk-supply nursery that offers grafted vegetable plugs for commercial farming purposes.


Benefits of Using Grafted Plugs

  Farming from grafted plugs holds several benefits for the farmer, including:  
  • Reduced need for chemical applications, and thereby a lower environmental impact
  • Uniform stand and higher yield potential
  • Improved fruit quality
  • Plants with strong root systems
  • Better tolerance of environmental conditions and soil-borne pathogens
  • Reduced period before harvesting

What is Grafting?

  It is the practice of fusing two or more plants to create a plant with desired characteristics. This is achieved by transplanting the stem and foliage system of one plant onto the rootstock, consisting of the roots and lower part of the stem from another plant. Although the two parts keep their specific characteristics, they grow as one plant. In this way, the best characteristics of both plants are in one plant. It is also possible to fuse more than two plants together.   Many techniques exist for achieving success with grafting. The nursery applies the method most appropriate and proven to be successful. Much research goes into achieving the best stock and the process is complex, requiring expertise, technology, and close monitoring. As such, the agronomists at the nursery handle the complex process, thereby saving time and money for the farmer who does not have to experiment. The green pepper seedlings available are proven to have the desired characteristics.   Bulk-supply nurseries like Hishtil SA offer both grafted and conventional green pepper seedlings, delivered directly to farmers across South Africa. The nursery is also the first bulk-supply nursery in the country to have achieved Global GAP certification, as a testimony to quality, safety, and best practice in production. To this end, farmers who buy from the nursery also receive technical support in addition to transplant and growth guidelines.  

Benefits of Choosing Hishtil SA

  The benefits of growing from plugs as available from the nursery include, but are not limited to:  
  • Shorter period in the field or other growth environment
  • Assurance of quality plant stock
  • Already chemically treated plant stock, reduced costs for the farmer, and a reduced environmental impact of farming
  • Uniform stand of the plants
  • Technical support
  • Plants are delivered to the farm
  • Better planning as the soil or growth medium and environment can be prepared for delivery of the plants and transplanting at a specific time
  • Shorter period of irrigation, saving water and costs associated with irrigation

Where to Get More Information

  Farmers interested in propagating green peppers for commercial farming purposes can register here as clients to receive quotes and more information about grafted and conventional seedlings available from Hishtil SA. Green Pepper Seedlings in the Greenhouse Facility