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Grafted Watermelon Seedlings

Advantages of Growing Crops with Grafted Watermelon Seedlings Grafted watermelon seedlings have proven to be exceptionally disease-tolerant with increased yield capacity, in addition to having better fruit quality. After conducting various trials across South Africa, feedback from the growers proved this statement to be true. Fusarium Tolerance One of the benefits of growing with grafted watermelon seedlings is that the plants have proven to perform well when it comes to Fusarium tolerance, even on old watermelon fields. This is important, as Fusarium has a significant impact on watermelon production, and instances of Fusarium are on the rise as a result of increased cropping on soils. To prevent Fusarium infestations, farmers traditionally clear the new fields, but this is an extremely expensive practice. A workable alternative is therefore needed, especially since the traditional rotation of watermelon takes between seven and ten years. With grafted watermelon seedlings, it is possible to reduce the rotation period to three to four years, allowing the farmer to plant watermelon again within a considerably shorter period. Higher Yield with Fewer Plants Growing with grafted watermelon seedlings makes it possible to reduce the plant population and get the same high yield. Conventional non-grafted watermelon plant populations consist of up to 6000 seedlings per hectare. When planting grafted seedlings, the farmer can reduce the plant population per hectare to 3300. With lower plant density, the fields have improved longevity and the grower benefits from the extended harvest time. Better Fruit Quality Feedback from commercial growers suggests an improvement in the fruit quality and a longer shelve life. Both these factors are important when choosing the type of fruit the farmer wants to grow. One should, however, keep in mind that irrigation and fertilisation must be done according to the requirements of the grafted watermelon seedlings. Why It Is Important to Purchase from a Reputable Supplier In order to keep costs low whilst not compromising on the quality of seedlings, the farmer must make sure that the seedlings are purchased from a reputable supplier that takes extreme care to ensure pest- and disease-free seedlings. The success of the crop is directly proportional to the quality of the seedlings. If the farmer compromises on the quality of seedlings, the stage is set for a lower yield, poorer fruit quality, shorter harvest time, and higher maintenance costs. It thus pays to make sure the nursery supplier of the seedlings has a superb facility to ensure disease- and pest-free plants. The inherent traits, such as Fusarium tolerance, cannot be changed; as such, it is better to buy from a supplier providing plants that already have such traits. In addition, the farmer wants consistency in performance, which is only possible if they purchase from a facility where the supplier uses high-quality seeds. Hishtil SA meets and exceeds all these requirements. The company also ensures optimal protection of the seedlings in a high-tech greenhouse facility. Only the best quality seeds are used, guaranteeing consistency. Add to this the company’s proven record of accomplishment and it becomes clear why the company should be the grower’s first choice when it comes to suppliers of grafted watermelon seedlings in South Africa.

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