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Farming Cucumber Seedlings

Cucumber Seedlings: Farming Potential and Tips

Cucumbers are popular crops in South Africa because of the high demand for the produce and the relatively short shelve lives of the plant’s fruits. Most commercial crop farming with cucumber is done from seedlings as available from trusted bulk-supply commercial nurseries.

The fruits of the plants are highly nutritious with reported health benefits. They include:

  • It is known for its vitamin C content, which has been reported as important for good gum and skin health.
  • It is rich in beta-carotene, reported as essential in fighting various diseases.
  • The cooling properties make the plant suitable for refreshing drinks and skin applications.
  • It contains vitamin B, known for helping to manage stress in the body.
  • It is a low-calorie produce, making it popular for weight-management diets.
  • It contains potassium, reported as supportive of cardiovascular health.
  • It has been reported to help in neurological health support.
  • It is a good source of fibre and thus supportive of digestive health.
  • Cucumber is rich in water, making it a superb choice for improved water intake through diet.

The cucumber plant’s fruits are widely used in healthcare- and skin-related products. The plant is also widely used in fresh salads.

Why Buy Seedlings?

Farmers interested in growing cucumbers from seedlings benefit from the availability of regular and grafted seedlings from Hishtil SA. Grafted seedlings hold several benefits, including improved and uniform stand, superior fruiting, better tolerance to certain soil and disease conditions, better tolerance to certain climate conditions, and good quality fruits. Farming from plugs, as available from the bulk nurseries holds benefits that include shorter period between planting and harvesting, receiving disease- and pest-free plants, reduced costs related to irrigation in the early stages of plant development, and reduced chemical use as the plants are first chemically treated before delivery to the farmer.

Seedlings - Cucumber Seedlings

Market Outlook

Farmers wanting more information about the current market outlook for the crop will benefit from the expertise offered by the South African Agricultural Research Council. Although export prices have dropped over the years, it is still profitable to farm with cucumbers. Many farmers in South Africa export cucumbers per kilogram to countries that include the likes of Australia, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

Crop Growth and Management

Cucumbers are mostly grown from plugs and transplanted to respective growth spaces in greenhouse facilities. This makes it possible for farmers to manage the humidity levels, day lengths, temperature range, and soil moisture content better. It also enables farmers to grow the crop throughout the year. Expected yield depends on the cultivar and growth conditions.


Once harvested, it is essential to keep the fruits at the appropriate temperature and humidity level. The fruits must be delivered to the relevant markets as soon as possible, as wilting occurs quickly. Although challenging for the farmer, the short shelve lives add to the high demand for the fruits of the plant.

Where to Buy Quality Seedlings for Optimal Yield Potential

As with any crop farming practice, high yield and profits are dependent on getting the right stock. To this end, farmers are invited to get in touch with Hishtil SA for quality grafted and regular cucumber seedlings at exceptionally competitive prices.