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Establish a competitive advantage

Ever-increasing prices for seed and other input costs are changing farming methods as farmers grapple to remain profitable and competitive. One of the options at their disposal is to establish a competitive advantage in niche markets by complying with international standards such as Global G.A.P. In order to do so, farmers have to utilize the best available technology and invest in improved inputs such as quality seedlings.

Better nursery techniques and production methods will contribute to maximising the farm’s potential and yield. When investing in quality seedlings, farmers can expect a field stand that is superior to one that is sown, and with a uniform and maximum capacity crop. Seedlings not only save time and resources, but allow for more precise harvest planning.

A common concern amongst growers is the establishment of seedlings in the field. After the plug leaves the nursery it may be subjected to harsh conditions, making it difficult for the seedling to acclimatise. However, an improved plug design, like the Straight Root System patented by Hishtil SA, will ensure fast and successful growth.

Seedling health is of equal, if not more importance. Seedlings should be produced in protected structures to shield them from insects and other disease vectors. Hishtil SA propagates all its seedlings in structures covered with IP (Insect Proof) nets to protect them from insects as small as white fly and to ensure their health.

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