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Choosing a vegetable seedling nursery

The rising cost of seeds and other input materials necessitates that modern vegetable farmers choose their nursery supplier with care.

Farmers worldwide acknowledge the fact that profitable vegetable production begins by using good quality seedlings as the first step in achieving a successful crop. Since the inherent traits of seedlings cannot be improved during the growing process, farmers should be mindful of the well proven adage: “Prevention is better than cure”. It is vitally important that they determine that their supplier uses only quality seed to produce the best seedlings consistently.

Furthermore it is essential to establish that the chosen nursery facility provides the vegetable seedlings with optimal protection during the production process.

During times of high disease pressure brought on by insects such as white fly, Anti-Virus netting – also known as IP (Insect Proof) netting – is considered one of the basic, but important features of a reliable vegetable seedling nursery.

Hishtil SA has over 3 hectares of high-tech greenhouse facilities located at Mooketsi, Limpopo. Their greenhouses are all covered with well maintained, sealed IP netting as part of the global requirements of the Hishtil Group to secure production of healthy, high quality vegetable seedlings all year round.

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