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Grafted Watermelon Seedlings

Advantages of Growing Crops with Grafted Watermelon Seedlings Grafted watermelon seedlings have proven to be exceptionally disease-tolerant with increased yield capacity, in addition to having better fruit quality. After conducting various trials across South Africa, feedback from the growers proved this statement to be true.

Cauliflower Seedlings

Cauliflower Demand and the Challenge of Growing the Vegetable The demand for cauliflower seedlings is increasing simply because cauliflower has in recent years become a popular vegetable amongst health-conscious consumers. With the Internet full of recipes such as how to make tortillas from cauliflower and how to replace rice and starch-based vegetables with the healthier cauliflower, farmers in South Africa are doing brisk business. Everything from pizza bases to gluten-free flour recipes are now based on cauliflower. The vegetable is now extremely popular across the world. Whereas in the past, it was seen as a luxury vegetable, nowadays it is one of the most popular vegetables in households in South Africa. The same trend can be seen in other countries.

Ungrafted Pepper Seedlings

Ungrafted Pepper Seedlings – Guidelines for Planting in South Africa Ungrafted pepper seedlings grow well in the warmer parts of South Africa and are suited for tunnel propagation. The transplanting of ungrafted pepper seedlings should be done with consideration of the weather to ensure the best crop results and a low risk of losses during the initial phases when the plants adapt to their new soil environment. Where peppers are grown in windy regions, it is best to invest in windbreaks to avoid damage to the plants. The ungrafted pepper seedlings should be transplanted in well-aerated, loose, and well-drained soil that has already been cleared of weeds.

Grafted Cucumber Seedlings

The Basics of Commercial Cucumber Farming Using Grafted Seedlings Cucumber farming is lucrative but intensive. The first step on the road to profitable cucumber farming is to find a supplier of good-quality seedlings. Even with enough water, an optimal temperature range, and a protected tunnel environment, the farmer cannot expect high yields or export quality if the stock is sub-standard. To this end, commercial farmers using quality grafted cucumber seedlings benefit from the uniformity in stand, size, taste, appearance, and disease resistance of the cucumber plants. They also benefit from the consistency of the plants’ traits and performance, enabling better planning for production, harvesting, and delivery of the cucumbers to the relevant markets.

Pumpkin Seedlings

How Farmers Benefit from Pumpkin Seedlings as Opposed to Growing Directly from Seed

Traditionally, farmers grew pumpkin crops directly from seed sown in the soil. However, with advances in propagation methods, tunnels, and technology, bulk suppliers that propagate seedlings in greenhouse facilities are now able to provide these pumpkin seedlings to farmers. This has revolutionised pumpkin-farming practices in South Africa, giving farmers a competitive edge when they plant seedlings, as opposed to growing crops from directly sown seeds. Pumpkin seedlings available from reputable bulk suppliers for commercial farming offer farmers several benefits, some of which are mentioned below.