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Hishtil SA

Hishtil SA – Pioneering the Way for Propagation from Grafted Seedlings in South Africa
Hishtil started operating in 1974 and has since brought innovative plant-propagation techniques to the world of commercial farming. Hishtil SA, as part of Hishtil International, opened its doors in 2007 in South Africa’s Limpopo province. The second phase of its involvement in plant propagation for commercial farming was marked by the opening of Hishtil SA in Riebeek West in the Western Cape in 2014.  

Grafted Seedlings

How Farmers Benefit from Propagating Crops from Grafted Seedlings
Grafted seedlings are now available to commercial farmers in South Africa. However, to gain a better understanding of how farmers can benefit from propagating various vegetable crops from grafted seedlings, it is important to first look at what grafting entails.  

Squash Seedlings

Squash Seedlings – Basic Information Regarding Its Commercial Farming
South African farmers interested in propagating butternut, can do so from either seedlings or seeds. The squash seedlings available from top seedling supplier Hishtil SA in Mooketsi and the Western Cape are grown in greenhouse facilities. This makes it possible to ensure optimal pest control, uniformity in plant height and quality, and proper chemical treatment.  

Butternut Seedlings

Butternut Seedlings – Beating the Challenges Related to Growing from Seeds Butternut crops produce superb returns. If the correct growing practices are followed, it is possible to get between 30 and 35 t per hectare, though the average yield is between 24 and 29 t per hectare.

Herb Seedlings

How Farmers Benefit from Buying Herb Seedlings Many farmers have entered the herb-propagation market in recent years, but some of the herbs are difficult to propagate from the seed stage. In addition, seeds tend to be expensive and the risk of non-germination of a large part of the crop is always a concern. To this end, farmers should consider planting herb seedlings as available from a trusted supplier of uniform and disease-free herb seedlings. Such a supplier propagates herb seedlings in environmentally ideal and stress-free greenhouse environments, allowing for optimal temperature control and meticulous nutrient monitoring. With these conditions in place, the supplier can produce uniform herb seedlings on large scale, enabling them to supply in bulk to commercial farmers in South Africa.