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Tomato Seedlings for Sale: Factors That Affect Crop Yield

Choosing the right variety from the various tomato seedlings for sale is crucial for the South African farmer, as the potential for high yield is also affected by the particular variety’s characteristics, just as much as the quality of the plugs. Read on to discover which factors affect yield potential and what role the plant characteristics play.

Tomato Seedlings: What Every New Farmer Should Know

Growing tomato crops from quality seedlings can be a profitable farming project. However, as with any vegetable crop farming venture, it is essential to ensure the specific plant growth environment requirements are met. To this end, it pays to do a bit of upfront research.

Looking for Bulk Vegetable Seedlings for Sale?

South African farmers have to deal with harsh weather conditions, water resource planning, and often being far from the markets. Having bulk vegetable seedlings for sale from a reputable nursery delivered to them anywhere in the country gives them some relief. This enables them to focus on managing risks such as weather conditions, water, and getting produce to the markets instead of having to collect the plugs from the supplier.

Differences Between Grafted and Conventional Seedlings

With both grafted and ungrafted seedlings now for sale, South African farmers have more options. Where they need to plant the same crop year after year in soil without leaving the land barren for a while, it is best to opt for grafted plugs, especially if they wish to use fewer chemicals. Where they practice crop rotation and have land available to clear fields for new crops, or can leave the land barren for a year or two before planting again, the conventional ungrafted plugs work well. Both types of plugs can be used for special greenhouse facility growing.