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Best Results from Grafted Tomato Seedlings

Tips to Get the Best Results from Grafted Tomato Seedlings

An increasing number of farmers now propagate tomatoes from grafted seedlings, which they order in bulk from commercial nurseries for delivery directly to their farms. With the plant rather sensitive to frost and water-stress, many producers now also opt for greenhouse propagation of the plant. Given these trends, farmers who also consider moving their field growth practices to greenhouse facilities will benefit from following the tips shared in this article to address challenges and improve crop success.

Vegetable Seedlings for Sale for Crop Farming

Where to Find Quality Vegetable Seedlings for Sale for Crop Farming

  Vegetable crop farming forms an important part of the South African agricultural production capacity. Farmers in the country who want to produce export-quality produce must keep in mind that premium-quality plant stock is critical as part of the foundation for crop success. To this end, it is vital to look for suppliers offering superior-quality vegetable seedlings for sale.

Watermelon Seedlings for Sale: Guidelines for Farming

Watermelon forms part of the Cucurbitaceae family of vegetables, making it one of cucumber’s cousins. Its availability throughout the year, the delicious taste, and wide range of culinary uses make it a popular addition to the pantry. Everything from jams to sweets, flavourings, juices, and desserts are made from it. Farmers in South Africa grow it from seeds and the plugs available from bulk nurseries, such as Hishtil SA, offering grafted and conventional watermelon seedlings for sale.

Why Grafted Vegetables are Ideal for Sustainable Farming Practices

The practice of farming with grafted vegetables in South Africa is relatively new, but with several benefits associated with the technique, more and more farmers have taken an interest. A short introduction to the practice is given below, helping farmers not yet familiar with the potential benefits of crop farming with grafted plants to make an informed decision regarding the choice of seedlings for their next crop.

8 Key Factors for Crop Success from Cauliflower Seedlings

Many South African farmers propagate cauliflower from seedlings bought from bulk supply specialised nurseries. With quality, disease-free stock, their chances for crop success increase considerably. Plant characteristics, such as frost and disease tolerance, head size, and colour play an important role in crop success, but so do other factors, some of which are: