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Vegetable Seedlings

Tips for Prospective Farmers – Commercial Vegetable Crop Growing from Seedlings
Large-scale crop growing from vegetable seedlings holds several benefits for the commercial farmer, including:

What does Grafted Mean?

Grafted Plants – Its Meaning Explained
Understanding the meaning of the word “grafted” helps to gain a better understanding of the value of grafted vegetable plants for growing commercial crops. Grafted plants in crop farming refer to plants that have been propagated from parts of different plants that have been joined together to form one plant. Its meaning is thus to join together with the intention of uniting the parts with the original plant, known as the rootstock, so the grafted plant is the combination of two or more parts of plants. A grafted seedling, meaning a seedling onto which a part of another plant has been joined, can be transplanted to the soil to grow as a single plant.

Eggplant Seedlings

Basic Information on Commercial Farming with Eggplants from Seedlings
Solanum melongena, or widely known as brinjal or eggplant, is a popular vegetable in South Africa because of its many culinary uses. Eggplants are propagated from seedlings. Eggplant seedlings are now available for commercial farming from top seedling propagators in South Africa like Hishtil SA.