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Grafting Plants for Commercial Crop Farming

Grafting Plants Holds Several Benefits for Commercial Crop Farming   Grafting plants to develop specific characteristics such as improved fruit quality, better stand, stronger roots, or an improved tolerance to soil-borne pathogens is not a new concept. However, the process requires the utmost precision and a lot of time and research to ensure the desired characteristics are obtained.

Commercially Propagate Cucumber from Grafted Seedlings

How to Commercially Propagate Cucumber from Grafted Seedlings
  Farming with cucumbers from grafted seedlings holds several benefits for the commercial farmer in South Africa. These include improved vigour and resistance to soil-borne pathogens. The production from grafted cucumber seedlings is only now starting to gain popularity and Hishtil South Africa is the first nursery in the country that supplies grafted cucumber seedlings in bulk to commercial farmers across South Africa. Below are some guidelines on the production of cucumber crops from grafted and non-grafted seedlings in South Africa.

Guide for Commercial Propagation of Pumpkins

Basic Guide for Commercial Propagation of Pumpkins from Seedlings
Large-scale farming of this vegetable is done throughout South Africa. Though most farmers grow directly from seed, many growers now prefer to propagate the crop from pumpkin seedlings, which can be ordered in bulk from reputable commercial nurseries. The pumpkin seedlings are grown in special greenhouse facilities where the plants are protected against pests and diseases. They are chemically treated before they are delivered to the farmer in order to ensure that they are adequately protected against diseases and pests until the farmer can start with their normal chemical-treatment programme. The plant has a deep root system with roots growing up to 1,5 m deep. It also has large leaves, in addition to an extensive vine system, causing it to take up a lot of space if trellis structures are not used. Pumpkins have characteristic yellow flowers.

Guide to Farming Cucumber

Basic Guide on the Commercial Farming of Cucumber
Cucumbers are part of the Cucurbitaceae family and, as such, the vegetable is related to the watermelon and pumpkin. The crop can be grown from seed or seedlings, but the latter method offers several benefits, such as a shorter time to harvest, a uniform plant stand, and pest-free stock. The vegetable is commercially grown in almost every part of the country. The plant is said to have originated in Nepal, but it is now grown in countries such as Turkey, Russia, the Netherlands, and even Iran. Though it is actually a fruit, the plant can be classified as a vegetable as well and is mostly marketed as a vegetable.

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