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How To Grow Tomato Seedlings Successfully

Growing Tomatoes for Profit: Basic Requirements for Open Field Crop Success

Commercial outdoor field propagation of tomatoes from tomato seedlings can be profitable, provided the farmer applies best practices related to vegetable crop propagation. This article deals with the basics to increase the potential for field crop success. That said, newcomers to farming with the vegetable should seek expert guidance from experienced agronomists regarding plant varieties suitable for their particular climate region. This also pertains to soil conditions, and they must make sure they have sufficient water supply to irrigate the crop at the right intervals.

Basics When Farming Lettuce

Must-Know Basics When Farming Lettuce from Seedlings in SA

Farming lettuce can be highly profitable, provided the farmer starts with quality stock, plants at the right time, and adheres to best practices for vegetable farming, among other factors.