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Buying Grafted Tomato Seedlings from a Nursery

Why Farmers Benefit from Buying Grafted Tomato Seedlings from an Established Nursery

  With the availability of information on grafting, farmers in South Africa may be tempted to perform their own grafting rather than buying already grafted tomato seedlings from well-established and trusted nurseries. However, it can be a costly mistake since grafting, although it may seem like a straightforward procedure, is a precise and complex process.

Buying Seedlings in Bulk for Delivery

Benefits of Buying Plant Seedlings in Bulk and Having Them Delivered

  For the commercial vegetable farmer, cost savings start when purchasing plant seedlings in bulk and having them delivered to their farm. Instead of the farmer having to drive to the bulk-supply nursery to purchase plugs and then drive back to their farm, all while keeping the plugs protected against wind, sun, and water stress, as well as temperature fluctuations, the farmer has the plugs delivered to their doorstep.

Sought-After Vegetable Seedlings in South Africa

Grafting for farming purposes dates back as far as Ancient China and modern farming practices from grafted vegetable seedlings have been around since the 1930s, yet commercial production and farming from such plugs have only gained momentum recently, especially in South Africa. Due to technology advances and ongoing research on the topic of grafting, bulk-supply nurseries are now able to offer South African farmers grafted plugs for farming with peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, and melon.

Why You Should Use Green Pepper Seedlings For Your Green Pepper Crop

Why Grow Green Peppers from Seedlings Purchased from Bulk-Supply Nurseries?

Green pepper production from seedlings can be highly profitable if grown in greenhouse structures. With such, it is possible to meet consumer and market demands, produce quality vegetables, and optimise profits. However, it requires a large capital layout to start because of the structure required, irrigation systems, temperature measurement and control, and more.