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Successful Farming from Cucumber Seedlings

Farming from Cucumber Seedlings: 4 Crucial Steps for Success

  Cucumber farming from seedlings can be highly profitable, but to succeed right from the start, the prospective farmer should do their homework. Read on to discover the basic requirements to start commercial propagation of the vegetable in South Africa.

How to Choose the Best Tomato Seedling Supplier

Tomato Seedlings: How to Choose the Best Supplier in South Africa

  Crop farming is challenging but can be highly profitable. Choosing the correct variety and quality tomato seedlings from a commercial bulk-supply nursery gives the farmer a competitive edge. Without quality stock to start the crop, the farmer is already at a disadvantage.

Why SA Farmers Prefer Grafted Vegetables

Why SA Farmers Look for Grafted Vegetable Seedlings for Sale

  The agricultural sector has a dynamic nature. It adapts to environmental and food demand changes. Three decades ago, adverts for grafted seedlings for sale in South Africa were unheard of. But with advances in technology and research breakthroughs, it is now possible to offer local vegetable crop farmers a new way to reduce the use of chemicals in their farming practices.

Seedlings for Grafted Vegetables in South Africa

Why Farmers Buy Seedlings for Grafted Vegetables in South Africa

  Propagating grafted vegetables, although a relatively new way of farming for South African commercial crop producers, has a long history. The innovative technique for producing plants with improved tolerance for certain soil-borne diseases, climate conditions, and stress related to biotic and abiotic factors, has taken off over the past two decades.

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