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Buying Seedlings in Bulk for Delivery

Benefits of Buying Plant Seedlings in Bulk and Having Them Delivered

  For the commercial vegetable farmer, cost savings start when purchasing plant seedlings in bulk and having them delivered to their farm. Instead of the farmer having to drive to the bulk-supply nursery to purchase plugs and then drive back to their farm, all while keeping the plugs protected against wind, sun, and water stress, as well as temperature fluctuations, the farmer has the plugs delivered to their doorstep.

What Makes the Vegetable Plugs Different?  

The seedlings available from the bulk-supply nurseries are of superior quality because of the focus on correct stock selection, the way the plugs are grown, and the chemical treatments.

  Plugs are Protected Against Diseases and Pests

  For one, these plugs are grown in special greenhouse facilities, where they are protected against pests, diseases, and environmental stress factors, such as drought, flood, frost, hail, excessive temperatures, and the likes. It might not seem important at first, but with such protection, the nursery can deliver truly disease- and pest-free plugs to the farmer.

If the farmer has to start out with plugs that have already had their share of stress and have been overly chemically treated to help them survive against pest and disease attacks, the farmer starts with compromised stock. Although it is important that the plugs do get exposed to a level of water stress to ensure deeper rooting, this must be done in a controlled environment, which is exactly what happens when grown in a protected greenhouse environment where the plugs are closely monitored.

  Each Plant that Leaves the Bulk Nursery for Delivery to the Farmer is Already Chemically Treated

  The farmer saves on chemical treatment costs as the plugs have received their initial chemical treatments to protect them against pests and diseases during the early establishment period. This also means reduced chemicals in the growth soil to which the plugs will be transplanted. In turn, this implies reduced environmental impact. In an age where the focus is shifting towards more sustainable farming practices, reduced environmental footprint is important. With the plugs already chemically treated, the risk of disease- and pest-induced damage in the early stages after transplant is significantly reduced.

  Uniform Height

  The seedlings are the same height and age when delivered in bulk to the farmer. This means uniform stand and better control over irrigation, growth, and harvesting projections. With such, the farmer does not have to use different irrigation intervals and volumes because of plants that are at different stages in growth.

  Better Planning and More Predictability

  With the nursery supplying a cultivar or variety that will grow in the particular climate region and has the characteristics that the farmer wants, there is more certainty. The farmer knows when the plugs will be delivered and can prepare the soil well in advance according to the guidelines from the nursery. When the plugs are delivered, the seedlings can go straight into the ground. With such, the farmer also has more control over when to plant, knows when harvesting will take place, and can plan better.

  Where to Get Plant Seedlings in Bulk for Commercial Farming in South Africa

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