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Buying Seedlings Can Help Small and Large Farmers

Horticultural Solutions: How Buying Seedlings Can Help Small and Large Farmers

  With commercial farming being a challenging, time-consuming, and resource-intensive endeavour, farmers in South Africa benefit from horticultural solutions that help them save money, time, and resources. To this end, buying seedlings from well-established bulk-supply nurseries is a great start. Read on to discover why. Small-scale farmers in South Africa do not necessarily have the space to grow vegetables on large commercial scale, but they can farm with various herbs, which take up less space. The bulk-supply nurseries also provide horticultural solutions for farmers who want to focus on the herbs market. In this regard, prospective farmers will do well to develop long-term business relations with restaurants, weekend market vendors, and smaller vegetable stores in towns nearby. Greenhouse propagation of the herbs from seedlings makes it possible to grow a diverse range of herbs throughout the year. Horticultural Solutions Now, onto the benefits of buying seedlings from the providers of horticultural solutions:  

Shorter Period Between Planting and Harvesting

  As the farmer does not have to water and care for the plants from seed level, they have a shorter period of risk. This is significant because every day, the plants are in the soil before being harvested implies having to deal with environmental risks, including soil-borne diseases, heat, cold or water stress, hail, flooding, and several types of pests. Although greenhouses are perfect horticultural solutions to reduce risks related to hail, excessive sun exposure, or frost, farmers still have to deal with hazards related to diseases or incorrect watering and nutrient imbalances. As such, having a shorter period from planting to harvesting is a significant benefit.  

Lower Cost of Irrigation and Chemical Treatment Costs

  With the shorter period between planting and harvesting comes the benefit of lower irrigation and chemical treatment costs. As part of the horticultural solutions, the bulk-supply nurseries provide the initial chemical treatments of the plugs before delivering the seedlings to the farmers. With that, the farmers have one less chemical treatment to apply and can save on the costs associated with the initial chemical treatment plans.  

Strong Stock

  Proper soil preparation, adequate spacing, and correct irrigation are important for successful crop farming, but so is starting with healthy plant stock. If the plants are disease or pest ridden in the early stages, the potential for a high yield is significantly lower, whereas healthy plants provide the right foundation for crop success. The bulk supply nurseries provide high-quality plugs from proven varieties suitable for the particular climate or growth region.  

Expert Guidance for Transplanting Plugs

  Trusted providers of commercial scale horticultural solutions provide guidelines for correct soil preparation, spacing, and seedling transplanting methods. Farmers are thus not left out in the cold when it comes to guidance. Hishtil SA, for instance, has the guidelines on the website for easy download. Farmers can also ask the agronomists for guidance on correct cultivars before buying stock.  

A Final Word

  Whether farmers wish to buy seedlings in bulk for small-scale or large commercial farming with vegetables, they will not be disappointed with the quality of stock and horticultural solutions available from Hishtil SA.       Sources:https://hishtilsa.co.za/ – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transplanting