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Seedless Watermelon Seedlings

Basics of Commercial Propagation of Seedless Watermelon
Watermelon production has proven to be best during the warm summer months. This is so because watermelon is a long-season crop. The scientific name for the vegetable is Citrullus lanatus and it is part of the Cucurbitaceae family.

Ungrafted Tomato Seedlings

Important Factors to Consider When Commercially Growing Tomatoes
South African farmers are urged to do research before commencing with commercial tomato production. Farmers interested in tomatoes can obtain ungrafted tomato seedlings from trusted bulk suppliers like Hishtil SA that propagate the ungrafted tomato seedlings in greenhouse facilities.  

Cabbage Seedlings

Commercial Farming of Cabbage from Seedlings in South Africa
It is very challenging and expensive for farmers to produce cabbage crops from seeds, so they usually do it from seedlings. Cabbage is of the capitata group from the Brassica oleracea species, “capitata” meaning “having a head” in Latin. The plant has a rosette with green leaves. These leaves are folded around a short stem to form a head. The root comes from the leaf organ instead of an axis. Cabbage is often used raw in salads, although many people prefer to eat cabbage cooked.  

Ungrafted Cucumber Seedlings

Tips for Commercially Farming with Cucumbers in South Africa
Cucumis sativus or, commonly known as the cucumber, is often cultivated from ungrafted seedlings. The plant originated in India where they have propagated it for over 3000 years, but China is now the leading propagator of cucumbers. Cucumber farmers grow from both ungrafted cucumber seedlings and seeds. The plant’s fruit is rich in fibre and potassium and it is also a reasonable source of magnesium, folic acid, Vitamin A, phosphorus, and Vitamin C. Though it can be cooked, most people consume cucumbers raw as part of soups, sauces, smoothies, and salads. It is frequently used in beauty treatments and is an ingredient of many health products.  

Grafting Plants

Grafting Plants for Crop Farming in South Africa
Grafting plants for crop farming is not a new practice. In fact, many European countries, as well as Japan and South Korea, have been doing large-scale grafting of plants for commercial-farming purposes for a long time now. Grafting is may often be referred to as an artificial way to grow plants.