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Innovations in the seedlings industry: The ES Plug – Early Start™ for the grower

Necessity has always been the main force driving innovation in the world. Intensive agriculture practices provides many examples, such as the cucumbers growing industry. High demand in the markets, fast crop cycle and two or more cycles per year places this crop as one of the most intensive in the vegetable growing industry.

The investment required from growers on cucumbers is usually higher than most other vegetables crops. This fact drives the cucumbers growers to utilize most of the newest and advanced cultivating methods available in order to secure their investments.

Hishtil– a global leading pioneer in the seedlings industry has committed itself to supplying new and cutting edge solutions for growers. Introducing and promoting grafted cucumber seedling (among other grafted products) is an example of this vision. By grafting the valuable and sensitive cucumber cultivar on one of the superior root stocks provided by Hishtil, the grower can enjoy a “super plant” capable of dealing with soil born pathogens such as Fusarium, which attacks plants mainly in cultivated soils and in growing bags and soil-less growing mediums- especially if it has been repeatedly used.

Early Start™, a new product, developed by Hishtil, with an emphasis for the cucumber growers is the next generation of grafted seedlings.

The ES plug, is a new version of the Hishtil plug for grafted cucumbers which increase the benefits of the rootstock and promotes a healthier and stronger plant. The benefits of the ES plug are generated from the new plug concept. Firstly, the plug size and formation encourages the roots to run deep, on a lateral route and gain protection by avoiding pathogens lurking on the top lair of the soil. A strong deep root is also more protected from extreme temperatures and dryness, dus less susceptible to injury and diseases.

The uniquely shaped plug and size facilitated the fast establishment of the ES seedling and reduce the transplanting shock, resulting in a stronger growing pace. This means the cycle is faster and provides an Early Start™ for the grower.

The ES (Early Start) plug, combined with Hishtil’s grafting and rootstocks technology provides comprehensive solution for the grower by allowing the crop to fulfil its potential in an ever challenging environment-both economically and in terms of phytosanitary needs.

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